About Us

Services, P.A. is the leader in driver rehabilitation. A registered Occupational Therapist with State certification as a driver instructor and specialty training in driver rehabilitation conducts a clinical evaluation at the client’s home to determine strength and limitations – physically, visually, cognitively and perceptually as they relate to driving. Then a behind-the-wheel assessment in the client’s own environment determines the ability to combine these skills to drive safely. Driver training is provided for those who would benefit. Training occurs on an individual basis, dealing with specific needs and covering every aspect of safe driving. Vehicles with special modifications are provided. If modifications are needed for the client’s vehicle, the therapist will direct the process and consult with the vendor modifying the vehicle.

Services are provided, but not limited to, individuals with:

Normal effects of aging
Spinal cord injuries
Neuromuscular conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis
Congenital Disabilities
Attention Deficit Disorders (ADD)
Traumatic Brain Injuries(TBI)
Strokes or other Cerebral Vascular Accidents (CVA)
Psychiatric conditions
Orthopedic conditions

Driver Rehabilitation Services currently serves several major markets including:

State and Federally funded programs that provide opportunities for people with disabilities to return to work and engage in community reintegration
Workers compensation clients
School systems to address the needs of the disabled student
Individuals referred directly through their physician, other rehabilitation professionals
Self-referrals from the individual or their families
Those requested by the Division of Motor Vehicles Medical Review Branch to have comprehensive assessment in order to retain their license.

DRS Advantage (Van Evaluation and Training):

State of the art technology available for clients with physical limitations that require this technology.
Complete vehicle and equipment prescription provided.
Clients can be trained to licensure in the van provided by DRS. This includes completing the DMV driving test in the training vehicle.


● Services are provided in the client’s local driving environment.
● We will work with the consumer’s preferred vendor for vehicle modifications.


● Over 30 years of combined experience on our team.
● All evaluations are completed by licensed Occupational Therapists with specialty training in driver rehabilitation, including staff with national certification as Certified Driver Rehabilitation Specialists.


● Coverage is provided throughout the entire state of North Carolina, northern South Carolina, southern Virginia and eastern Tennessee.
● Services are generally offered at the client’s location.
● Discounted rate offered for services provided at central office location in McLeansville, NC.