Our Vehicles

DRS Vehicles

Vehicles used for conducting on the road driver evaluations and in car driver training are equipped with dual brakes, safety signage and extra mirrors.  These are requirements set forth for all driving schools licensed by the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles.



DRS vehicles are also outfitted with adaptive equipment for use with clients facing physical limitations.

Adaptive equipment available includes:

Hand Controls:  A variety of types and styles for left or right hand use including:     

Sure Grip Controls  (push/rock, push/right angle, push/pull, and push/twist)

Two types of MPD Controls (push/right angle and push/rock)

Veigel Classic (push/twist)Driver Rehab - vehicles

Veigel Compact (push pull)

Menox (push/pull)

Pedal extenders

Left Foot Accelerator

Steering Orthotics

Powered Elevating Lift Board for Vehicle Entry Assist

Booster Seating

Backing Camera


A full size WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE vehicle is used with individuals who will drive from their wheelchair.

DSC01748DMV Inspection 2012This vehicle is accessible via an automatic wheelchair lift and includes hand controls, steering orthotics, reduced effort steering and a voice scan system for secondary functions like wipers and light.  This vehicle allows the client to drive from their wheelchair or transfer to a 6-way power seat base.