occupational-therapy-logo Sometimes during the DMV medical evaluation process the client’s family member, physician, or DMV medical review personnel will request that the client have an Occupational Therapist provide a professional behind the wheel driver evaluation to assess medical fitness and functional status for driving. The clinical and behind the wheel tests provided during an evaluation may aid the client’s physician in completing medical paperwork.

For individuals involved in the DMV Medical Evaluation program, we provide a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s abilities to drive following a significant injury or disabling condition or potential to become a safe and independent driver with a disability.

A Driver Evaluation with our Occupational Therapist includes:

Screening of a client’s medical history, driving history, license status
Clinical evaluations of physical, visual, perceptual, cognitive and behavioral skills
Appraisal of driver seating needs and vehicle entry and exit needs
Determination of needs related to transporting mobility aids such as walkers, crutches, wheelchairs or scooters
On the road assessment in appropriate driving environments (with or without adaptive equipment as needed)

Who provides the driver evaluation?

Driver Evaluations are provided by a licensed Occupational Therapist (OTR/L) who is also a NC Certified Driving Instructor (CDI). Evaluation results and recommendations are faxed to DMV Medical and to any physician the client has chosen to complete their medical paperwork.