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Driver Rehab Services (DRS) Privacy Policy

Last update – March 16, 2020 |

For questions or concerns regarding this Privacy Policy please reach out to us at

Driver Rehabilitation Services (DRS) is firmly committed to the privacy of its website visitors, potential clients, and acting clients. We are loyal to respecting your privacy and to complying with the applicable data protection and privacy laws and regulations, in regards to the collection of your personal information, sensitive information, and data pertaining to our marketing and health care operations.

This privacy statement exhibits DRS’ practices regarding the collection, use, and disclosure of the information we collect from you as you make use of the DRS website. This policy upholds the privacy practices followed by the websites linked within this policy. The following discloses our information gathering and dissemination practices at DRS.


By making use of our website you consent to the Privacy Policy of DRS and its Terms of Use herein. From time-to-time we will make updates to this website. When doing so, we commit to ensuring that the information provided within this policy is up to date and correctly coheres to any changes we make to the website that may affect or alter the ways in which we collect your personal and sensitive information.

Information in this policy referring to “you(r)”, encompasses the following throughout this policy:
Any potential/acting client, patient, caretaker;
Any physician or someone of a health or medical profession, government agency, or driver service, or;
Any other website visitors.
DRS takes the privacy of its website visitors very seriously and gives its best effort to ensure the information provided to us (digital/hardcopy) is kept secure and private. We promise to only use the information you provide to us for the sole purposes it was collected and described herein. If you have any concerns or questions about how this policy conforms or secures your personal information please reach out to us at or by phone (336) 697-7841.

Policy Terms

The following terms are used as defined for the purposes of this policy:

Personal Information
General information we collect from you through our contact forms including name, phone, email, message, etc.

Protected Health Information/Sensitive Information/Client Sensitive Data
Information that usually encompasses personal information and client confidential information collected digitally or provided by hardcopy. This information is not to be accepted, stored, or shared with by DRS or anyone the client has not authorized us to do so unless requested by Court Order or when required by Law. This may include information pertinent to:
Medical Information regarding one’s disabilities, current and past health status, heath needs and accommodations, etc.
Background information such as one’s criminal background information, past car records, employment history, etc.
Data Collection
Personal information and sensitive information provided through our website (i.e. forms or electronic files) or hardcopy form that is provided by the client, caretaker, referral, etc. and manually added to our client database as a record. This information is collected to aid DRS with any medical/health care operations for the purposes of gathering information on our client to provide our services best fitting to their needs.

Laws and regulations in connection to use of our website and data collection/management of client sensitive information pertain to the following:

Formstack, LLC (HIPPA)
DRS utilizes an online form run by Formstack (a web-based third-party and cloud-storage form building tool), to allow us to security collect client sensitive information. DRS uses the Formstack license that is in agreeance and compliant with The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPPA). All client data provided to DRS through Formstack is the property of DRS and stands by the regulations under the agreement of Formstack and DRS.

Collection and Utilization of Personal Data:

Purpose for Collecting Personal and Sensitive Information

The collection of personal and sensitive information of our clients helps us to better conduct our services by:
allowing us to access and assess our clients’ information and needs, prior to on-boarding, in order to provide our services more readily.
allowing us more time to conduct planning and ensure we have the correct equipment and measures in place to adapt to our clients’ needs.
communicating with our clients chosen medical providers, referrals, etc. to understand our clients’ needs.

Data Collection

We collect sensitive and personal information:
when a contact form is submitted though our website.
when an online form or assessment is submitted through our website.
when completing a form or assessment, in person, at our office or while under the care of our services.
when conducting a phone interview with our office manager.
when receiving referrals from third-party individuals.

How do we receive consent to discuss your personal and sensitive information?

All clients must sign a consent and release form through our web-portal, which is HIPPA compliant, or they may sign an electronic consent in person at our office.

Who may we discuss your information with?

We follow a strict policy to not share any of your information with third parties for any purposes regarding marketing and sales.
With consent: medical professionals, caretakers, DMV agencies, school system, workers compensation personnel, other payor sources
Without consent: when required by Law or by Court Order

From who and what type of personal information may we collect on clients?

We may collect personal and sensitive information with other agencies you are already involved with regarding your driving situation. Examples include physician(s), DMV Medical Review Branch, school system, workers compensation case manager or adjustor, etc.

Personal Information Collected through DMV Medical Evaluations
DRS is a privately owned and operated business, NOT a DMV office or affiliated program. DRS is not eligible to complete DMV Medical Forms; however, we can provide a driver evaluation to aid your doctor in completing these forms. Learn more about the DMV’s Medical Evaluation program here.

Personal Information Collected through Occupational Therapy Evaluation
DMV Medical Evaluations may request that a client has an Occupational Therapist to provide a professional behind the wheel driver evaluation to further assess the client’s medical capabilities and status for driving. Clinical behind the wheel tests may be shared with the client’s physician to help them complete medical paperwork. Driver Evaluations with DRS OT’s include the collection of information on their client’s through:
Screenings of client’s medical history, driving history, and license status,
Clinical evaluations to measure: physical, visual, perceptual, cognitive and behavioral skills,
Information regarding the client’s seating needs, vehicle entry/exit needs, and any needs regarding transporting mobility aids (i.e. walkers, wheelchairs, etc.)
On road assessments
Any evaluation results and recommendations regarding the above, are faxed to DMV Medical and to any physician of the client’s choice. Learn more about our Occupational Therapy Evaluation process here.

Personal Information Collected through Referrals

DRS accepts referrals on your behalf from the following but not limited to:
Physician’s Office
Vocational Rehabilitation Services or Independent Living Program Counselor
Worker’s Compensation Case Manager or Adjuster
Referral from self from an Aging Driver or Aging Driver’s Family Member
Special Needs Teen Driver
The following personal information may be collected through our referral process and entered onto our database:
Patient information may include: first and last name, address, phone number, date of birth, age, gender, driver’s license status, reason of referral, client’s use of mobility aids, client’s status of completion of DMV Medical Evaluation Forms, cognitive impairments, whether the client has a family member helping secure services, person of contact.
We may also collect information from referrals, such as: the referrals name, medical practice, address, phone/fax number, and contact information of the professional submitting the referral. Learn more about our referral process here.

Personal Information and Sensitive Information Collected through our Website

DRS collects information on website visitors and clients through:
Submittal of contact forms
Submittal of client assessments through our online program run by Formstack, LLC (HIPPA compliant)

Data Collection and Security

HIPPA, by Law, requires DRS to take provisions to secure client sensitive information. DRS has security features (SSL Encryption & Firewall) in place to ensure the digital collection of your personal and sensitive information is secure, in addition to:
not storing sensitive information within WordPress,
deleting any personal information automatically stored in WordPress is to be deleted after 6 months,
ensuring your sensitive data is secured safely in our offices and locked with security system measures when unattended.
DRS employees shall not share client personal and sensitive information, without consent or by Law, in respect to HIPPA Compliance and client confidentiality. No persons other than DRS employees shall be granted access to modify client sensitive data.

Use of Cookies

Our website does not currently utilize Google Analytics or other web analytic tracking programs of the sort to better understand our website visitors or utilize for marketing purposes. DRS is a small privately-owned company that thrives on referrals.

Record Retention

Contact Forms
Personal information provided to DRS through our website contact forms is solely used to contact you back so we may address your needs. Contact form submissions are in connection with our email system and are not kept as a digital copy within our WordPress website. We shall not provide your contact information to outside sources or third parties.

Digital and Hardcopy Client Records and Assessments
All records regarding a clients’ sensitive information (Formstack assessments, hardcopy or digital referrals, etc.), collected for the purposes of providing services to our clients, is retained digitally for a minimum of 7 years. Sensitive information provided by hardcopy is entered into our secure database and then shredded. When you are no longer under the care of our services (i.e. past clients) we may terminate your personal and/or sensitive data upon request or after we have met the legal obligation to do so.

Breach Procedure

In the instance of a breach of data, we are to notify all clients, within 72 hours of being aware of the breach, and inform you of the actions we plan to take in order to secure your data or resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

How to access, update, alter, or delete personal data

Our online assessments are submitted through a program called Formstack, LLC and is HIPPA compliant. For this reason, clients do not have first-hand access to their data as it is not provided to clients through an online portal. If clients would like to access, update, or request removal of their data from our database they may do so by calling DRS directly at (336) 697-7841 or contact us at

Payment Processing

All payment processing is complete in person or by phone. We do not retain hard copies of any data. At times QB may save your card information; these are usually previous clients that have paid for previous services with a card whose numbers are not stored in QB. The client shall always be contacted prior to any charges being placed on your card to confirm that the card on file is the payment method you wish to use. When cards are stored by QB we may only see the last four digits of your card number which allows us to help you identify the card we have on file for the purchase of our services.


Any materials currently on our website and/or materials (i.e. videos, images, etc.) added to our website in the future belongs to the property of DRS. The content on our website is created by DRS’s employees and may feature our own clients, with their consent. By making use of our website you consent to this policy in which you agree to not, under any circumstance, make use of our materials without due credit and/or utilize any of our materials for the purpose of sales or reproduction