Consultation Services are provided to direct the client to the optimal outcomes for their individual needs. These services occur after a comprehensive driver evaluation. The person is fully aware of the evaluation results and has received feedback regarding medical challenges, safety concerns, and adaptive equipment needs prior to scheduling consultation services.

Consultations are available for:

Aiding in appropriate vehicle selection for specific needs
Assessing abilities and needs regarding transportation of a wheelchair, scooter, or other mobility aid.
Providing input and/or fabrication regarding customized driver seating
Participating in solving challenges related to assuring the appropriate interface of a client’s wheelchair, vehicle, and adaptive equipment

Important Considerations

Not all vehicles are compatible with all adaptive equipment. It is important to assure that a driver, prosthetic limbs, primary driving controls, adaptive equipment and mobility aids such as a wheelchair or scooter interface appropriately. An individual should complete an assessment to determine appropriate adaptive controls prior to purchasing a vehicle or having a vehicle modified.
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