Documentation of Results

Documentation of Results

We believe that successful outcomes involve the ability to clearly document and communicate a client’s abilities and needs.

clinical eval

VERBAL Discussion

Following the clinical and on-the-road driver evaluation, results are discussed immediately, face to face, with the client and appropriate family member(s)/caregiver(s) present.    During driver training, feedback is provided throughout the entire training session.


Driver Rehabilitation Services generates a written report of the results for any service rendered. This includes documentation of client skill and when appropriate, a written prescription of recommended vehicle options, adaptive equipment and vehicle modifications.  This report is sent to the client and the client’s referral and funding sources.  Other team members including the client’s physician(s), worker’s compensation case manager, and school system or vehicle modification vendor will be sent a report as needed.

DMV Medical

Information is sent to the North Carolina Division of Motor Vehicles Medical Evaluation program under the following circumstances:

  • The client poses a safety risk for themselves and the general public such that driving privileges should be removed.
  • The client demonstrates the ability to continue driving but requires legal restrictions be added to their license and adhered to in order to maximize safety.
  • The client has received a letter from DMV’s Medical Evaluation program requesting an occupational therapy evaluation be completed.
  • The client requests data be submitted to facilitate ongoing DMV medical reviews for a progressive disability.
  • The client has medical challenges that require DMV Medical clearance prior to completing driver training or having adaptive equipment restrictions endorsed on a license.