DMV Medical Evaluation Program

The North Carolina Department of Transportation, Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Medical Evaluation Program is responsible for evaluating medical information of licensed drivers or applicants for licenses/permits who may have impairments that impact highway safety.

Requesting a DMV Medical Evaluation

Anyone can request that a driver be evaluated by DMV Medical. Requests must be made in writing and may not be anonymous. DMV receives requests for evaluations from driver license examiners, medical providers, law enforcement, and family members concerned about an individuals safety. Once DMV places a driver in their medical review program, they will send the client a packet of medical forms that must be completed by the driver’s physician and returned to the DMV Medical Section. Medical report forms may also be issued by Driver’s License Examiners who have concerns about a driver’s abilities during a license renewal or road test.

DMV Medical Evaluation Program

North Carolina state flag Click here to access the DMV website and obtain further information about DMV’s medical evaluation program. Medical Report forms can be found on the DMV Website by clicking here and scrolling to the Medical Evaluation Program section.

Should you currently be involved with the DMV medical evaluation program and have questions/concerns regarding the process, please contact DMV directly:
● DMV Medical Customer Services 919-861-3809
● DMV Office for Administrative Hearings 919-861-3313
● DMV Commissioner’s office 919-861-3015
Driver Rehabilitation Services is a privately owned and operated business, NOT a DMV office or affiliated program. While we cannot complete DMV Medical Forms, we can provide a driver evaluation to aid your doctor in completing these forms.