Requirements for a Bioptic Driving Assessment with Driver Rehabilitation Services

Bioptic Driving Assessment Requirements:

A valid learner’s permit (or unexpired driver’s license) is required for participation in the driver evaluation and training.
A Vision Examination Report from your doctor indicating current corrected visual acuity without the bioptic lens, acuity with the bioptic lens, and visual fields.
Complete follow thru of pre-driver training per recommendations of your low vision specialist.
Daily use of the bioptic lens system during everyday tasks. This is important even if you anticipate use of the bioptics only for driving in the future. Using the bioptics as a passenger in a motor vehicle is recommended.
A list of your current medications will also be helpful in completing paperwork.

Payment or Authorization Requirements

If you plan to have a third party pay for the driver assessment, authorization must be received in our office prior to scheduling the appointment. Third party payers often include Vocational Rehabilitation, Independent Living Rehab Services, Veterans Administration, Workman’s Compensation and Family Trusts and others. Please contact us with any questions regarding other options. If you are paying privately for your assessment, a deposit will be required to be in our office one week prior to the date of your assessment. This deposit ensures your attendance to the appointment held for you. If you are unable to keep the appointment we appreciate knowing as soon as possible so others can be scheduled.